View Full Version : New Fiat 500 (Abarth) Owner! Love it!

09-12-2012, 08:01 AM
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I purchased my first Fiat a few weeks ago. A Rosso Red 2012 Abarth. I work as a Service Advisor at Corwin Fiat in Fargo, ND so I got a pretty good deal also. I can't even begin to describe the enjoyment this car brings me. I love the looks I get (good & bad & WTF?!?) around town.

I've done a few cosmetic touches & other upgrades to it already with more to come. So far I have tinted the windows (50% up front, 35% in rear) and smoked out the tail lights. I also had a local graphics shop add some racing stripes on the hood that mimic the Fiat 595 Ferrari Tributo but I did them in a carbon fiber look. I then also duplicated the factory side "Abarth" lower tape stripe in the same carbon fiber vinyl to match. You can see them in the pictures. Let me know what you think! I have also ordered & installed the HID kit from 500 Madness. I highly recommend them. SUPER easy to install & look great. I just installed a set of super sticky BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 summer tires to really hook up. Mine came with the std 16" wheels but I plus sized up to a 205/45R16 and still has plenty of space so no fitment issues. They grip amazing. I also just ordered the Magnetti Marelli ECM w/ the wireless remote thru 500 Madness that I am really looking forward to installing & trying out. You can check out the site but it shows amost 200hp to the wheels on the dyno with the plug & play tuner!

I plan on taking it out to the drag strips for one of the last couple events of the year & possibly catch an autocross event as well before winter hits.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have a few other changes planned but that's all the budget has allowed for now. '

Share your thoughts or comments if you wish. Thanks!498497496